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Materials: Everything in this is bone, and the cord is black leather. The skull is an old Southeast Asian trade bead carved from water buffalo bone (roughly the size in diameter of a quater, if not a bit bigger), and the rest of the bones are from the domestic dog (roadkill, or otherwise natural causes).

Concept: Xolotl is probably one of my favorite gods of the Aztec pantheon. Commonly seen as a cynocephalic man, or a skeletal being, and is also a god of death. Dogs and death walk hand-in-hand in many aspects of Mesoamerican mythos. The skull reminded me of Xolotl, and seeing as I had a big jar of dog-bits (some of which were drilled into beads by [livejournal.com profile] skullfaced)...well, there you go.

Price: $12.50, price includes shipping.

I'll post this on my Etsy page later this week. Not tonight. I'm exhausted after a long day full of bullshit. Heh. It wasn't completely bad, thinking back on it, but enough to use up my patience for the day. I did a little artwork to help calm myself down a bit.

Anyway, now it's book and bed. Assuming I actually, you know...sleep. Otherwise it'll be another long night.
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