May. 9th, 2009

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Carrion crow (corvus corax) foot, capped with a bronze cap. I added the bail and jump ring myself. I'm going to do something with this...I can't decide if it would look good on a cord or on a chain. Either, possibly. I am going to offer this for sale, as soon as I add some other stuff to it. If anyone would like to claim it, or have suggestions for further work (Cord? Chain? Beads? Bone? Tooth? Magatama?), PM me or leave a comment. I may ask $10 as a base price for the foot itself, I'm still working it out. I'm trying to be interactive with my artwork here, hehe.

I do have other feet...I'd have to see how many. I only have one matched pair of feet though, a pair of huge feet (this crow must've been on steroids...or it's a pair of raven feet as I'm suspecting--they were originally sold to me years back as "crow" though) that are going to go to [ profile] orthaevelve.

I'm thinking I rather enjoy working with bird-bits.
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Finished art for [ profile] corvithrope

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Materials: Real carrion crow foot (corvus corax), taken legally in the UK, topped with brass cap, black copper bail, and gold-tone jump ring, strung on a soft deerskin lace with two coyote bone beads. The dangle features a coyote tooth, and a green glass magatama.

Hope you like! This was loads of fun to do.

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