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Birthdate:Aug 10
Location:United States of America

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A private account of my own personal brand of bullshit. Although 'hermeticdog' is a handle I seem to go by everywhere else, the journal name 'primaldog' is used due to my affinity for primitive/prehistoric dogs, wolves and other canids.

I am a: Non-op FtoM transperson/androgyne. Pansexual. Cynanthrope/animal-person. Otherkin. Non-disordered multiple. Occultist and student of the alchemical arts. Yinepup. Student of Djehuty. A little bit crazy. Rabid bibliophile. Hoarder of books, knowledge, information, and dead animal pieces. Half-insane government employee. Opinionated. Traveler and adventurer. In a long-distance binational monogamous relationship with [profile] feorran. When we make it legal, I'll be living with him in Germany.

I like: Like-minds. Intelligent discourse. Dead animal bits. Books. Philosophy. Yummy meat biproducts. Winter. Stormy days. Veterinary science. Canine ethology, biology and morphology. Intellectual discussion. Animal and human psychology.

I dislike: Willful ignorance. Homophobia. Religious zealotry. Bigotry. People who can't take a joke. Stupidity. Hypocrisy.

I'm also webmaster of, a site where I record my thoughts, essays and other writings on the experience of being a therianthrope as well as otherkin. You can get updates for it here on LJ by subscribing to [profile] cynanthropyfeed. I also run [profile] cynanthropy where people can exchange thoughts and discourse on the experience of being canine.

I also keep an occult blog of my various thoughts and writings on Wordpress, called Dimension Bomb. You can read a feed of it on LJ by subscribing to [profile] dimensionbomb.

Also, if you're interested in old stuff, fossils, bones, dead things, Pagan and animistic-themed crafts, check out my shop on Etsy, The Relic Hound.

Add at your own risk. I hold no responsibility for nervous breakdowns or psychotic episodes as a result of reading my crap.

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activism, alchemy, altered states of consciousness, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, androgyny, animal behavior, animal consciousness, animal folk, animal people, animal rights, animals, anpu, anubis, art, blogging, bone jewelry, bones, books, canine behavior, canine biology, canine ethology, canine genetics, canine mythology, canine psychology, canines, canis familiaris, canis lupus, canis lupus hattai, canis lupus hodophylax, cats, conservation, corvids, coyote, coyotes, crows, cryptozoology, cynanthropy, dead things, deutschland, djehuty, dogs, dune, eastern coyotes, egyptian mythology, egyptology, entheogens, ethology, evolution, felines, feral dogs, folklore, fossils, foxes, ftm, fur, gay rights, gender, gender equality, genderbending, german, germany, glbt, hermanubis, hermes trisgmegistus, hermetic philosophy, hermetics, hokkaido wolf, honshu wolf, inari, inner worlds, instinct, jackals, japan, japanese culture, japanese ecology, japanese history, kitsune, konrad lorenz, krav maga, l. david mech, liminality, lycanthropy, marksmanship, martial arts, metaphysics, multiplicity, mythology, nature, netjer, neurolinguistic programming, nihon ookami, non-disordered multiplicity, non-disordered plurality, nonfiction, norse mythology, occult, okuri-okami, ookami, otherkin, paganism, paleontology, paleozoology, pansexual, pansexuality, pariah dogs, prehistoric canines, primitive dogs, psychology, queer rights, ravens, ray coppinger, saint christopher cynocephalus, samurai, scavenging, sexuality, shamanism, shimizu system, shinto, skulls, species dysphoria, steampunk, synaesthesia, synesthesia, tattoos, taxidermy, therianthropy, thoth, totem animals, totems, transgender, transgender issues, transgender rights, transhumanism, transsexuality, transspecies, umwelt, uniting american families act, wepwawet, wildlife, wildlife conservation, wolfdog hybrids, wolfdogs, wolves, writing, yamainu, yinepu, yinepu-wepwawet, zoology, zuni fetishes
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