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Carrion crow (Corvus corax) foot, glass gold-yellow magatama on a black ball-chain.

Inspired by the stories of the crow being made sacred by the sun-god, Apollo--as symbolized by the bright golden magatama.

Available here at The Relic Hound.

Also, discounted prices on this, this aaaand this.

More stuff up later. Right now I'm sorting. A lot.
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Materials: Real crow foot, harvested legally in the UK, shiny reflective metallic charm, pietersite magatama, all strung on a gunmetal metallic chain with lobster clasp.

Concept: Tengu is the crow-goblin of Japan. Sometimes a kami, sometimes an evil spirit, sometimes a force of nature, like a thunderstorm (I thought the pietersite would mix well with this). There are many things that could be said or written about the tengu.

Price: $20.00, price includes shipping.

To be posted on Etsy later, when I'm feeling a little less like ass. Also, if you feel like you know anyone who might be interested in this, feel free to pass along.
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Materials: Everything in this is bone, and the cord is black leather. The skull is an old Southeast Asian trade bead carved from water buffalo bone (roughly the size in diameter of a quater, if not a bit bigger), and the rest of the bones are from the domestic dog (roadkill, or otherwise natural causes).

Concept: Xolotl is probably one of my favorite gods of the Aztec pantheon. Commonly seen as a cynocephalic man, or a skeletal being, and is also a god of death. Dogs and death walk hand-in-hand in many aspects of Mesoamerican mythos. The skull reminded me of Xolotl, and seeing as I had a big jar of dog-bits (some of which were drilled into beads by [livejournal.com profile] skullfaced)...well, there you go.

Price: $12.50, price includes shipping.

I'll post this on my Etsy page later this week. Not tonight. I'm exhausted after a long day full of bullshit. Heh. It wasn't completely bad, thinking back on it, but enough to use up my patience for the day. I did a little artwork to help calm myself down a bit.

Anyway, now it's book and bed. Assuming I actually, you know...sleep. Otherwise it'll be another long night.
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Materials: Real preserved feral pigeon foot, brass cap, copper wire-wrapping, pull-tab from a soda can, charm that resembles hubcap on a car. Nickel-plated ball-chain and keychain ring are all scavenged from old keychains. Actually...you could say everything on this piece is scavenged from somewhere (well, a lot of my stuff is to begin with), which was the focus of this.

The pigeon. The classic urban totem. Survival, endurance, tenacity, grace in flight. One of many things that describe an animal that is so versatile in even the most deep city environments. This would be perfect for anyone engaging in urban paganism or shamanism.

I'm asking $12.50 (price includes shipping), and will post it up on my store later tomorrow, unless someone else is interested.
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Finished art for [livejournal.com profile] corvithrope

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Materials: Real carrion crow foot (corvus corax), taken legally in the UK, topped with brass cap, black copper bail, and gold-tone jump ring, strung on a soft deerskin lace with two coyote bone beads. The dangle features a coyote tooth, and a green glass magatama.

Hope you like! This was loads of fun to do.
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Carrion crow (corvus corax) foot, capped with a bronze cap. I added the bail and jump ring myself. I'm going to do something with this...I can't decide if it would look good on a cord or on a chain. Either, possibly. I am going to offer this for sale, as soon as I add some other stuff to it. If anyone would like to claim it, or have suggestions for further work (Cord? Chain? Beads? Bone? Tooth? Magatama?), PM me or leave a comment. I may ask $10 as a base price for the foot itself, I'm still working it out. I'm trying to be interactive with my artwork here, hehe.

I do have other feet...I'd have to see how many. I only have one matched pair of feet though, a pair of huge feet (this crow must've been on steroids...or it's a pair of raven feet as I'm suspecting--they were originally sold to me years back as "crow" though) that are going to go to [livejournal.com profile] orthaevelve.

I'm thinking I rather enjoy working with bird-bits.
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Old and weathered raccoon skull found out in nature, missing some teeth. Added hemp cord dangles with bone beads, shells and wood--something I took to symbolize its scavenging nature. Also included a hemp cord "headband" with a dark green glass magatama, a sort of representation of it being a spirit of nature. And, of course, a deerskin leather loop for hanging.

I haven't added him to my Etsy page yet, and I'm a bit too tired to right now. But if anyone happens to be interested in him, feel free to drop a comment. I think I might ask $14.00 for him including shipping, but I can probably haggle.

Totally...beat. But having trouble settling down to bed. Guhhhhh.
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(I'd be grateful to anyone who would be willing to take the time to pass this along to anyone who might be interested--I've made this post public. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!)

Canine Series
Sirius - Pagan-themed. Made with black leather cord, two domestic dog teeth, and six authentic ancient Egyptian faience beads from 716-30 B.C. The two dog teeth represent the binary star-system Sirius. The pendant itself is made in dedication to Wepwawet and Yinepu. $25
Basic Dog-Tooth Pendant - Domestic dog tooth, hemp cord, antique-style silvertone beads. $10 each (multiple copies)
Pariah Dog - Domestic dog tooth, brown leather cord, India camel-bone choker bead. $15 each (2x of these)
Village Dog bracelet - Three domestic dog teeth, antique water buffalo trade beads on stretch-cord. One size fits most. $12

Magatama Series
Magatama 1: Woodsy - dark brown leather cord, wood bead spacer, moss agate magatama. $12
Magatama 2: Flame - dark brown leather cord, camel bone spacer, goldstone magatama. $12
Magatama 3: Tribal dark brown leather cord, camel bone spacer, dog tooth bead, pale yellow jadeite magatama. $15

Necromancy - Dark brown leather cord, antique water buffalo bone hoop. The skull is also an antique, and possibly carved from the same animal. The black choker bead is India camel-bone, the bead below it is probably water buffalo. With the exception of the camel-bead and leather cord, all components are made of antique trade material from Asia. $20

Three Random Things - Left to right:
Libyan desert glass, with wire-wrap for pendant: $15
Antique Black Forest boar-bristle charm (circa 1940s): $20
Antique Black Forest rabbit-toe charm (circa 1940s): $25

PayPal. Money orders. Just ask.

The dog tooth beads came in bulk from China--probably leftover from the food industry. I compose my stuff from a collection of trade beads, antiquities and other curiosities. My sources are all people and places which are reliable and knowledgeable, and when appropriate, provenance will be given.

I am an animist, and I incorporate my practices and belief in my work, being attracted to the natural and the antique. Some of the items I've made things with are very old, and have been around for a long time.

Funds from purchases will go towards paying off bills and debt, so I can move in with my fiancee in Germany. Unfortunately, the U.S. does not at this time recognize our relationship, leaving me to go into exile in order for us to be together. We'll need all the help we can get in making this possible.
Proceeds from the sale of all animal products will go to nonprofits dedicated to animal rescue, or wildlife conservation.
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There will be more stuff from my collection needing homes, I just have to sort through things. Dog tooth pendants will be $10. Prices include shipping. I can take PayPal. Just ask. Also, feel free to spread around to anyone else interested.

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