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[livejournal.com profile] painted_mare is currently going through some financial hardship, and on top of everything else she is struggling after an emergency vet visit for her beloved dog.

You can help her and her awesome doberman out by commissioning her art. She is a very talented artist, and is currently open to commissions of all kinds to help offset veterinary costs.

So please, do check her stuff out.
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I've spent so much time pimping my own artwork, I figured I'd take the time to pimp someone else for a change. [livejournal.com profile] mech_angel does some supremely awesome art, which you can find here, but she also does commissions. Recently she completed a small commission for me, of myself and my Patron, which you can find under the cut below.

Click for awesome )

My default icon was also taken from an earlier piece done by her.

She has some amazing stuff, and really doesn't charge enough for her kickass art. Do feel free to go over and commission her, or buy some of her prints. Her stuff is well worth it.

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